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Tips & Tricks 

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Now that we're in the new many goals ahead!

This is a great time to create good habits for your hair care.

Here's a few steps to guide in the right direction:

  1. Take a picture or bring your products to your next salon visit. Create a routine with what you have.

  2. Use what you have at home & store the products that don't suit your needs for the season.

  3. Set up times, days & how to use your products to fit your schedule & hair goals.

  4. At your visit you will also determine what products are still good to use, just like anything else there is an expiration date.

I would highly recommend to also go through all your tools too!

Bring them to your salon visit & learn how to use them properly & replace what needs to be replaced.

  • evstyleselizabethv

Regardless of the weather outside; humidity, dry heat, or freezing cold. We have some sort of frizz to fight. Here are a few strategies that will help...

  1. Start with a good haircut. Remove the dead ends.

  2. Turn down the water temperature, Cool water helps to keep moisture in the hair strands.

  3. Reduce friction! Ditch your towel for a T-Shirt to dry wrap your hair. The material used for towels catches the hair strand causing frizz. Keep cuticle smoothed down by using the T-Shirt instead.

  4. Condition and then Condition some more. Use a Mask once a week to add extra moisture to your hair strands. Key to using, keep off scalp & focus on the length of hair.

Hope some of these tips will help you through any season of frizzy hair. You can always email me to find out what will suit your hair needs best.

  • evstyleselizabethv

I'm here to help with the biggest myth of ALL....have dirty hair for color service!

Welcome! I'm here to give you the latest in trends and the best homecare routines. There's even myths that we've been believing for so long. I know I've heard so many from my grandma and my mom. I'll share all that I know to help you stay updated & with healthy hair

Have you heard the latest...Dirty hair no more!

You want clean hair for your salon visit....let me explain!

The products in todays market is gentler and made with essential oils. When our hair has the build up of 4 days of dry shampoo and the city air elements ( dirt ). Your color will have to fight through all that build on the hair. Which explain those stubborn grays not getting covered. This also affects your blonde when you come in for that bright light balayage. Even todays bleaches are so gentle, with bond builders and essential oils. So many lines today use technology to help create color lines to be naturally derived. It helps to keep the integrity of your hair and keeping it healthy.

Tip to do before your next visit..

  1. Cleanse hair with a gentle purifier the day before your visit'

  2. Use a protein/ bond building treatment if your blonding

  3. Don't over use styling products the week of visit

  4. Don't over use dry shampoo the week of visit

Try this out! I'm sure you will be happily surprised!

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