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Let's Talk Curls!!

I've been doing a deep dive into textured hair, whether its a soft curl or tighter ringlets. I've been educating myself on how to help you to care for and to style.

Here are a few tips that will help!

  1. Need a good diffuser. Some hair dryers come with there own but if not look for a Universal Diffuser. This tool will be instrumental in helping to style your curls.

  2. Invest in a DenMan & wide tooth detanglers.

  3. Use a towel hair wrap. This will help to control frizz and keep hair smooth.

  4. Sleep with a silk bonnet and use soft scrunchies to create a "Pineapple" affect with your curls loosely tied up.

  5. Styling products are going to be a must! Now, there are many curling lines that are amazing but it's not all in one fits all. I suggest buying travel sizes. Samples are too small to really know if the product works. Invest on the travel size, use until you are done with that specific brand and make notes & take pictures of the results each time you use it.

Here's the Tea on Curls

  1. Use Hydrating & Moisture shampoos and conditioners. Also invest in a strengthening treatment to use periodically, 1X month to help give strength to your curls to bounce. Keep in mind your texture, if it's thick & coarse or fine & thin, this will depend on how heavy or light the moisture should be for your air.

  2. You will need a good Leave-In Conditioner. No matter the type of texture, All need a Leave-In Conditioner. It will help to protect and sustain the structure and curls health.

  3. Haircuts are so important. If you enjoy wearing your hair straight & curly, you will need a structure that will help both styles. If you only wear it curly, your haircut will need to be cut for the type of curl form you have. Its vital to have a clear consultation, clearly explain how you wear your hair and how & what you use to style your curls. Have plenty of pictures of what you like, remember

  1. inspiration pictures are altered today, but it does give us some ideas and helps. If you have a picture of yourself of a Good Hair Day, bring it! I hope this has helped & if you know someone it can help, please share with your friends. BTW even if you don't have curled hair, these tips can help you too.

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