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"Product Shelf Life: How to Know When It's Time to Toss"

Did you know your products have a shelf life once opened?

You'll find on the bottom of any bottle a picture

of what is supposed to be an open container with a # next to it. That little number is how many months your product will be safe to use.

But how am I to remember the day I opened my product to use it?

Here is tip that has helped me, I take a black sharpie pen

and write the purchase date on the container. This way you'll know how long you've had it.

Now lets say its passed the expiration date.

Is it still ok to use?

Yes. No.

Don't toss it yet, here is some ways to help indicate if you can still use it or maybe it's time to toss it.

-Smell it! Is it rancid ? Then toss it. Keep it if it still has its original fragrance that made you fall in love with it

-Is there any discoloration? If there is toss it. If it has changed to a yellowish color with the oil separated from the product, its time and unsafe to use.

-If there are traces of dust or hair particles in your product, toss it. It can create bacteria and making it unsafe.

Products will lose there strength and potency to work properly over time. Especially if its been setting on the shelf for over a year.

Also, where you store your products will help give them the longevity you need.

No product should be used passed 2 years.

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