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The true salon classics and more.

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Root/Base -Touchup



When you need gray coverage or need base color touched up with 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch of grow out. If you have more than 6 to 8 weeks of growth the price maybe adjusted & you maybe in need of an all over Color Balance. This service include the blow dry & style.


4-6 weeks maintenance. 

1hr to 1.5hrs

Color Balance


This is for a solid color from roots to ends. If you are look to change your base color or need to have both the roots & length colored. This service has No Foil work, it is one solid color & this service includes

Blow-dry Style.

4 month maintenance 2.5hrs

Color Correction

Complimentary Consultation

With any correction you will need a consultation. I will give you a plan to achieve your hair goals with pricing and I will make suggestions on the best homecare you will need to help support you new hair color.

Blow Dry Style


Choose a Package

$125 3 blow-drys

$195 4 blow-drys

$260 5 blow-drys

With this service you will receive a hair wash & conditioning that best suits your hair needs & blow dry style. If curling or flat ironing is needed & included there is an additional price depending on your length & density.

1 week Maintenance 1hr to 1.5 hrs

Keratin Treatment


When you need to control the frizz and you want to add shine & smoothness. Making your day-to-day styling manageable. I use Uberliss which is Formaldehyde Free & Methylene Glycol Free. You will find it gentler and longer lasting.

6-8 months maintenance 2hrs

Custom High Lights

$325 Full-Head ( throughout the entire head )

$245 Partial-Head ( sides, crown & mohawk of head)

$195 Mini-Head ( faceframe,"Money Piece", mohawk) 

When you want to add lightness without losing your dark or natural tones. Perfect to create some lightness throughout or if you only need around your face for a little brightness. This is a longer lasting look by enhancing your color with selected areas to brighten. This service includes Toner/Gloss, Blow dry & Style.

4 -8 months maintenance. 2.5hrs to 5.5hrs

Brighter Custom High Lights

$375 Full-Head

If you're looking to be blonde & lighter all throughout your hair this service is for you. You will be very blonde with very little natural color incorporated. This is great for blending grays or if you want to be mostly blonde and have brightness all over. This service includes Toner/Gloss, Blow dry & Style.

8-12 weeks maintenance 3.5hrs to 6 hrs



Every haircut comes with a consultation. It will be customized for your texture & style needs.

Whether its a pixie or long layers, your haircut will be created to fit your personal style. I will help assist you on the best ways to care for & how to style it on a day to day basis.

8 -12 week maintenance 1.5hrs



I use both Tape-Ins & Hand Sew-In Wefts. I use Hotheads hair brand. With this service its important to have a consultation. Here we can determine what price & look  will best suit your frame & needs. We will go through maintenance with homecare. 

Scalp & Hair Treatment


A perfect blend of essential oils massaged into the scalp, preparing you for a relaxing & rejuvenating visit. The scalp will detox & be gently exfoliated. Adding nutrients & conditioning formula for both your scalp & hair. This treatment will help relieve you of any itching or dry scalp, with the added benefits of giving you a deep conditioning for your hair. This service includes Blow dry & Style.

3-6 months maintenance 1.5hr

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