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The Tea On Scalp Health! Part 1

We all need more education about scalp health and how important it is

for our overall hair health.

I found some of these tips through my own personal journey

and what I have learned behind the chair.

Let's talk about the most common of all scalp issues

we have all gone through

at some point in our lives.


I had a horrible experience with dandruff during my teens and early 20's.

I tried the most popular shampoo of those days

and it did work.

Only for a short while and the dandruff was back with a vengeance!

When I was 22 and the start of the internet,


Found out the WHY!!

I was allergic to sulfate in products.

Such a simple little thing created havoc in my life.

I started to use a professional line that was very popular but was a bit pricey.

But was worth the investment.

Does this mean you are allergic?

I don't know,


There are so many other reasons we can be developing dandruff.

My story was pretty easy, this may not be yours.

Here are a few things you might be causing it.

-Stress. Will create hormonal imbalance & hair loss

-Diet. Increased sugars and lack of proteins & essential vitamins,

will cause scalp issues & hair loss.

-Over use of products. You can use too much of a good thing and create so much build up on the scalp that it will begin to dry & irritate the skin.

-Hygiene. When we wash our hair there are times we are not rinsing enough and leave product in or we are not washing properly.

When shampooing we need to concentrate on the scalp

& separate the hair to reach the scalp.

Here are some tips that may help you.

-Reducing stress. Walking, so simple but it will knock out stress & help create hormonal balance. And when you have extra time in the week, add a hike with friends.

This has helped me out so many times.

-Increase your protein, add collagen protein in your coffee in the morning


your favorite smoothie.

every meal increase the protein & add more greens.

I personally love a colorful plate with different shades of veggies,

have fun creating a colorful dish.

-When using your professional salon products a little goes a long way.

I have seen too many times where its over used

and builds up on the scalp & hair.

Professional lines are highly concentrated with high quality ingredients.

You will only need a capful or less.

Example, Kevin Murphy wash & rinse,

it's a capful more than that you'll be wasting the product


losing your investment.

-Get a shampoo brush to scrub the scalp when washing,

great tool to reach the scalp and get the shampoo to the scalp to cleanse.

One big tip!!

Never sleep with wet hair!

Too many people I know have done this as a nightly routine,

sleeping with freshly washed hair wet. This will create mold & yeast on the scalp,

which turns out to look like dandruff.

What kind of scalp issues are you going through?

Have you been dealing with dandruff lately?

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