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What to expect

I know it can be scary going to a new place and meeting a new hairstylist. When you arrive to the studio suite, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home. 

I will start with a thorough consultation.

  -I want to hear all about you and what you expect from your visit.

  -I want to hear how often you'd like to come in.

  -Are you having issues with styling your hair? Or is your scalp dry & flaky?

  -Have you been noticing your hair thinning?

  -Is it those gray hairs that never want to stay covered?

I'm here to find solutions to those issues you tackle daily. The more you share of your hair history and the products you love to use, the more I can assist and guide you through your hair goals. 

Let's go through inspiration pictures to create a look that best suits you and your lifestyle. I will teach you what you need to style and care for your hair and keep it healthy. I will help you to create a routine to fit your busy life and  plan for your hair goal journey. 

Root/Base Touch-up

Magdalena 4_edited_edited.jpg

This is what you'll need when you want gray coverage or you want a new base color.  This service includes the blow dry and style.  4-6 weeks maintenance. 

1hr to 2.5hr 


with haircut $160

*re-growth is 1/2 inch to an 1.5 inches anymore than that the price will be adjusted depending on the length of growth. 

**Also, price will be adjusted if needing length and ends to be colored.

Blonde Bombshell

woman standing in brown field_edited.jpg

If you're looking to be very blonde, like Gwyneth Paltrow, this service is for you.  I will give you a combination of highlights and baby lights with with extra pops of blonde.  This service will include toner gloss, blow dry and style.  8-12 weeks maintenance.

6-8 hrs

Full head     $375 w/out haircut

Partial head   $315 w/out haircut

*We will consult before hand


The Extra Treats

shallow focus photography of woman holdi

Tone/Gloss    $65

Nutrient Conditioning Treatment   $45

Ubeliss Smoothing Treatment     $200

Hair Cuts    $85

Bangs/Fringe Cut    $40

Blow Dry Style  $60

Smoothing and Shine Treatment

woman in black collared

When you need to control the frizz and you want your shine back.  This smoothing treatment will help to control the frizz and making it easier on your day to day styling life.  Cutting you styling time from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  Sometimes known as the Brazilian Blowout.  I use Ubeliss.  You will  find it gentler and longer lasting.


6-8 months maintenance.


Dimensional Balayage/Highlights

Image by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho

This is a great choice to add the lived in look that creates dimension, and soft lights around the face. This is a longer lasting look by enhancing your natural color.  This service will include toner/gloss, blow dry and style. 

Full head (5-7 hrs):

6-12 months maintenance     $325  

Partial head (4-5 hrs): 

6-8 months maintenance       $245

Mini head (3-4hrs):

4-6 months maintenance       $195

Bleach and Tone

woman wearing blue top while standing on

Before setting an appointment for this service, you will need a consultation to get an accurate price.  This is a more complex service that needs the extra TLC.  Email me to set your consultation appointment.  This service usually takes 4-8 hrs and has a 4 week maintenance. 

Blow-dry Package

Young Women with Shopping Bags

3 blow-drys for  $125

4 blow-drys for  $195

5 blow-drys for  $260     

*This is a stand alone service. Not available for online booking. 

Don't see what you need? No worries I got you. Save on time without any compromise to your hair goals. I have mini- services that will help keep your hair healthy & looking beautiful from visit to visit!

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