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How to Fight Seasonal Frizz!!

Regardless of the weather outside; humidity, dry heat, or freezing cold. We have some sort of frizz to fight. Here are a few strategies that will help...

  1. Start with a good haircut. Remove the dead ends.

  2. Turn down the water temperature, Cool water helps to keep moisture in the hair strands.

  3. Reduce friction! Ditch your towel for a T-Shirt to dry wrap your hair. The material used for towels catches the hair strand causing frizz. Keep cuticle smoothed down by using the T-Shirt instead.

  4. Condition and then Condition some more. Use a Mask once a week to add extra moisture to your hair strands. Key to using, keep off scalp & focus on the length of hair.

Hope some of these tips will help you through any season of frizzy hair. You can always email me to find out what will suit your hair needs best.

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